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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  April 21, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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explosion on an oil rig in the gulf of mexico off the coast of louisiana. at least seven people were air lifted to mainland hospitals. from that oil platform the coast guard says 126 workers were aboard and most of them were able to escape safely. that rig is located about 52 miles southeast of the eastern tip of louisiana. and we are watching developments in arizona which has become the new focus in the battle over immigration reform. there have been heated protests and even some arrests after the state legislature gave final approval yesterday to what would be one of the toughest immigration laws in our country. it would require immigrants to carry work and travel papers. it would also give authorities broad powers to check those papers if they, quote, reasonably suspect that someone is in this country illegally. republican governor jan brewer has until the end of the day saturday to sign it, veto, or do
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nothing and allow it to become law. joining me now is the arizona democratic congressman. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much for inviting me. >> what is your reaction to this bill, this soon to be possible law in your state? >> well, we feel that the fundamentally the bill is wrong. it's toxic. it sets some very dangerous precedents for the nation and the fundamental problems with them are obvious. first of all, there's basic constitutional issues there that have to be challenged. it'll be challenged legally. and then i think what we codify into law in the state of arizona is very dangerous. that we have codified racial profiling because the people that will be targeted will be based on language, accent, and appearance. and whether you're undocumented or a citizen as i am. it'll be indiscriminate and i think that discriminatory part of it is what's creating a great deal of ainge inner the latino
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communi -- anger in the latino community and the religious community as well who feel this is a terrible affront not only to a group of people but a dangerous national precedent on the issue of immigration. >> what do you say to people like senator john mccain who once fought beside democrats looking for a solution to immigration reform but now says that something like this bill is needed? he cites a number of issues with crime but says you have to avoid racial profiling but in the end gives his support to this bill? >> what i would say to the senator is that it's a disappointment, those comments. this is the time for moderation. this is a time for rational thought. i understand he is in a tough primary against a conservative opponent, hayworth, and, unfortunately, he -- the issue of immigration has become a litmus test for him and he -- i fundamentally completely reverse the position he has taken in the past. >> as you know there are people who agree with senator mccain
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and say something must be done. we see these stories about crime around border states as a result of this drug -- these drug cartels going at it, that something needs to be done and this is finally some action. what do you say to those who really believe this is a solution and they don't see it as racial profiling? >> you're missing the target. the target is organized crime. the target is gun running from the united states to mexico. dope and human smuggling from mexico into this country. they're organized. they have money. they have weapons. that's where the resources should be. the resources should not be used by our local police to in a blanket sense profile anyone that looks the part. and i think that's the dangerous part of it. >> i know you and others want action from the president. how much time are you willing to give him? >> not a lot. i think if this is to become law on saturday and i anticipate that it will, then i think the
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president has to exert the supremacy of federal law and that says we will not cooperate with a local law because this is a federal responsibility. if he does that it'll render the law moot. >> thank you so much for joining us, sir. >> thank you. we are taking a special text poll today. the question, what is more harmful to america? one, racial profiling? or, two, illegal immigration? text your answer. one or two. to the number 46833. message and data rates may apply. authorities are hunting for the couple who abandoned a 3-year-old boy at new york's famed st. patrick's cathedral days after he was reported missing in florida. officials say nathanial fawn was unharmed and found with a note in his pocket. nbc's ron allen has been following the developments in this story. what do we know regarding the people or person who dropped him off? was this a parent? >> reporter: no. it wasn't a parent. it was a friend of the parent
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apparently. they're looking. the nypd and the archdiocese are looking at surveillance cameras that were at st. patrick's to kind of see who was around at this time sunday night when this happened. the key is a note. the boy had a note in his pocket with his name, telephone number, and the name of a florida detective as well. the florida detective is the person who arrested his mother back in florida on counterfeiting charges. she was trying to pass a phony $100 bill allegedly. >> she is behind bars? >> she is and they found $5,000 in more counterfeit bills so the mom is in jail with a boyfriend. the father it's unclear, i believe he was arrested a couple weeks ago on some other charges and the mother apparently put the boy in the car with some friends when she was arrested. the friends are the leading suspects in possibly bringing the boy to new york and dropping him off and those friends are also now wanted by the police in connection with the counterfeiting. >> where is the boy now? >> st. patrick's -- well no. he is at a hospital and in the hands of the new york children's welfare authority and in good hands. doing well. >> thank you very much. very strange story.
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president obama says he is confident he'll have a supreme court nominee by the end of may. the president made the comment this morning as he met with key senate leaders on both sides of the aisle to discuss the process to replace justice john paul stephens. the president also answered a question about whether he has a litmus test for potential nominees. >> i will say the same thing that every president has said since this issue came up, which is i don't have litmus tests around any of these issues but i will say that i want somebody who is going to be interpreting our constitution in a way that takes into account individual rights and that includes women's rights. >> nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house. mike, you have republicans, democrats in that meeting with the president. >> reporter: right. >> what have we heard in response? >> reporter: well, this seems to be kick noing into another gear. you saw the president sitting
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there with people including the judiciary chairman pat leahy. no names were mentioned in that meeting and the president was asking a question there about the prospective views on abortion and supreme court rulings on abortion. it really kicked into high gear in this respect. they say there is a list of about ten potential nominees the president might be looking at that has not been winoed at all but the president has begun an informal process. he has spoken with one person informally face to face, others he has spoken to on the phone. others he is already quite familiar with because of the search last year that resulted in the nomination and ultimate confirmation of sonia sotomayor. patrick leahy the democratic chairman of the judiciary committee came out afterwards to the stakeout. first of all he said he's not interested in anybody from the, quote-unquote judicial monastery. this is something you hear from others as well as the president himself who says they want something -- someone with real world experience who isn't necessarily a judge.
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patrick leahy was also quite critical of the current court and the ideological makeup and what he sees as the partisan slant of the court. >> we have right now a very, very activist, conservative activist supreme court. the number of decisions whether ledbetter, citizens united, or anything else, have been decided by a one-vote margin. i think this does not reflect the american people. it reflects more of a partisan agenda. >> and so when will this process produce a nominee from the west wing here? the president says certainly before may 26th. may 26th was the date last year when he nominated sonia sotomayor. she was ultimately confirmed before the august recess. a lot of people think that's essential so any newly seated judge could get ready when the court comes into a session the first week in october. the president hinted it might even be earlier than that, tamron. >> nbc's mike viqueira live at the white house.
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thank you. >> reporter: okay. after a week of grounded flights planes are in the skies over europe and it's bus eight europe's busiest airport, heathrow, in london. planes are lined up and taking off and landing but some people are still getting back to britain the old fashioned way. still taking the bus. these stranded tourists are heading home from madrid courtesy of long distance coaches provided by the british government. >> i saw a british flag on one of those little jackets. hey! i wanted to hug the man. >> i'm not looking forward to this really long journey but it will be good to get home. >> we're going home. we like spain but we've got to get home now. >> nbc's tom aspell joins us live from heathrow airport. tom, it is good to see people with a smile on their faces but this could take days to clear up all the passengers who have been stuck. >> reporter: oh, absolutely, tamron. and right now heathrow operating down about 30% on its normal flight pattern of 1,200 aircraft a day, down 30% from that.
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the rest of europe, normally 28,000 flights a day in european air space. today about 21,000. all of this is going to cost the airlines -- they're estimating they've lost about $1.7 billion so far and they say it'll take at least three weeks for things to get back to normal, for those aircraft to get back into their normal patterns, the crews in the right place, and the backlog of passengers to be cleared. there's a lot of recrimination going on about how the european governments waited and kept the no fly ban in place too long and the airlines have just lost too much money. everybody is quite angry at the airlines and also saying this is going to be a bonanza for lawyers. the lawsuits are going to go on for sometime. >> all right. nbc's tom aspell live at heathrow armt, thank you, tom. thousands of people were expected to gather for a massive rally at the illinois state capitol in springfield today and are calling for tax hikes in order to avoid major budget cuts. the rally is being billed as an effort to save our state. that's what they're calling it.
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it comes as the governor pat quinn has proposed a 1% income tax. the "chicago sun times" reports the governor only has 45 votes and he needs 60. and the cleveland school district is making a dramatic and controversial budget cut by eliminating 773 teaching and classroom support jobs by the end of the school year. this effectively means that the student per teacher ratio would double. the school district claims that the teacher cuts would alleviate the $52 million projected deficit for next year. the teachers union says this is a strong arm tactic before negotiations which are scheduled in june. for the first time ever pope benedict speaks publicly about the sex scandal plaguing the church. we'll tell you what the pontiff is now promising to do about the abuse. federal investigators launch a criminal investigation into the inappropriate spending they say by florida senatorial candidate marco rubio. we'll take a look at the
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welcome back. another twist in the much watched florida race for the u.s. senate. republican candidate marco rubio and other members of the florida republican party are now being investigated by the irs. the agency wants to know whether the officials misused the party's credit card for personal expenses. the investigation comes during a heated gop race with rubio holding a double digit lead over the state's governor charlie
2:16 pm
crist. jordan fabian is a reporter with "the hill." thanks for joining us. tell us a little more about what the irs is investigating. what is it looking at? >> reporter: well, they're going to look over mr. rubio's tax statements, credit card statements, financial disclosures from the state of florida to see whether or not he misspent state funds using the state party's -- sorry -- state party funds using its credit card. the probe is also going to look however at former florida gop chairman jim greer, who was a close ally of charlie crist. he was hand picked by crist to essentially run the party, so this investigation could end up touching both candidates in the race. >> and this -- the investigation stems from when rubio was a florida house speaker, correct? >> that's right. he's alleged to have spent $100,000 using the state gop's credit card when he was house speaker. >> a hundred thousand over two years? >> that's right. >> in a statement marco rubio responded to the news. i'll read it here, jordan. it says in part after all the negative publicity regarding the
2:17 pm
way charlie crist's hand-picked chairman spent monday eight the state party, getting this information out in the open will be the best way to deal with it. as far as my spending is concerned it was for legitimate political purposes when i made personal charges i paid for them directly to american express. i have not been contacted and i don't know anything about any potential inquiries but i welcome the chance to set the record straight once and for all. as i mentioned he's in a double-digit lead over charlie crist. how does this affect his political future potentially? >> well, i think it can affect it in two ways. one, rubio has an image of he's a conservative golden boy right now, one of the most popular primary candidates in the gop field. he's a lot of tea party support as well as establishment support. this sort of hurts his clean image. at the same time it could end up hurting crist though i think rubio has a little bit more to worry about since he personally was named in the investigation, you know, greer's strong ties to crist could end up hurting him
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too. >> thank you very much for your time, jordan. we greatly appreciate it. pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger is suspended for violating the league's personal conduct policy. we'll tell you more about how long he'll be out of the game with pro football, the editor of that. and a new gun control ad uses surveillance video from the columbine high school massacre. we'll talk with the father of one of the columbine victims about whether the ad goes too far or is it an effective message? i was like, yes, this works... [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys. puhh puhh puhh putt and that's it. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining.
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baccalaureate. correct.
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[ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r... ♪ ♪ welcome back. in today's tech watch the air force is poised to launch an unmanned, winged spacecraft resembling a miniature space shuttle. they're planning to do it this week. officials say while in orbit the test vehicle will conduct classified technology experiments. they've given few other details about the reuseable space plane scheduled to take off thursday from florida and automatically
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glide back to earth landing in california. in the past hour the national football league announced its punishment for pittsburgh steelers star quarterback ben roethlisberger who was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a bar in georgia last month. while the georgia authorities say there was not enough evidence to bring charges, the nfl announced it is suspending roethlisberger for the first six games of the upcoming season for violating the league's personal conduct policy. he was also in an interesting turn ordered to undergo comprehensive behavioral examination. joining me now is the editor of pro football part of the nbc sports family. mike, thanks for joining us. there has been speculation, three games, four, he got six. >> what we make of it is the nfl commissioner roger goodell is very serious about this. this is the first time tamron that there has been a player who was not arrested but who has been suspended. this is an opportunity to send a message, a loud and clear message to the rest of the
2:23 pm
national football league that bad behavior won't be tolerated and if you do it you're going to pay a price. >> you have fans of roethlisberger who will say he wasn't arrested. he wasn't charged. the da said there was not enough evidence so what are you punishing him for -- drinking, partying too much, hanging out in the wrong place? >> it's a different standard. you know, in a court of law it's beyond a reasonable doubt. very hard to prove. this is like an employment relationship and if you break the rules of your employer you face the consequences. in the letter roger goodell sent to ben roethlisberger he explained the whole environment of being out at a bar, giving alcohol to somebody under age, excessive drinking leads to situations where people may make false allegations and that's what they're trying to avoid. >> what do you make of this comprehensive behavioral examination? they're saying he has to go to a therapist. >> and he is barred fromnist off-season activities, they have weight lifting sessions and practices and he is gone until he goes through this and they decide whether there is something about his makeup medically, emotionally, psychologically that they need to address to prevent this kind of stuff from happening in the
2:24 pm
future. >> it's incredible. what mr. goodell is doing with the nfl he is saying he has had enough of this image of the nfl and some of its players. >> ten years ago mark chmura was tried for raping a 17-year-old girl and was acquitted and right after that the commissioner at the time said he can come back right away so there has been a crackdown over the past decade and roger goodell is serious and this is the loudest and clearest message he has sent yet. >> there are rumors roethlisberger cob traded now. >> the steelers are talking and i think part of it is they want him to be really scared and learn his lesson. now he has to wonder. maybe he gets sent to a new team. >> thank you very much. pro football check it out. thank you. appreciate it. we'd like to know what you think. twitter me at a lot of football fans have been sending me message saying would roethlisberger be punished? some thought it was race, that black players have been punished more than white players. now he is gone for six games. tell me what you think. and the husband of a missing ohio mom pleads for her safe
2:25 pm
return today. his emotional words. and also the pope speaking for the first time publicly about the sex abuse scandal that has plagued the vatican. what he said about taking action. allstate has more discounts than you can imagine. for anti-lock brakes. for safe driving. airbags. insuring your car and home. anti-theft devices. let's see. new cars, people over 65. [ female announcer ] call or click today for a free quote or to find an allstate agent.
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zyrtec® is the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine. today, we battle wits with the trout. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. ♪ welcome back. pope benedict is promising the catholic church will take action to address the devastating sex abuse scandal that erupted across europe. this morning in fact the pope made his very first public comments ever on the issue. but it may not be enough for critics of the vatican who are now asking how the church will deal with bishops and other leaders who covered up the scandals. nbc's anne thompson is in new york with me. we're waiting on reaction from some of the major groups. it's likely they are digesting and trying to figure out what the pope meant by his words. >> i think words are the first step, tamron. what they're really waiting to see are actions. these are the first words that we have heard directly from the pope, himself, since this
2:29 pm
scandal broke out in europe. it's something that i can tell you from being over there during holy week that people in the european church really wanted the pope to come out and address what's been going on there specifically. because they feel very wounded. for the catholic church is just absolutely part of the fabric of life there. i mean, even though a fewer number of europeans go to church, think of all the centuries of history there. so that's the first thing. now the question, now that the pope has said, yes, the church will take some action, the question is what action will the church take? and the indication is from the pope's remarks today is that it is going to do something beyond the guidelines that it set out last week, guidelines that it says it's followed all along. >> right. >> or at least since 2003, regarding the reporting of the abusive priests. the question is, what's the next step? >> how much of these words from the pope today have to do with the meeting he had over the
2:30 pm
weekend with survivors of abuse in malta? >> i think they had everything to do with it. it gave him a context in which to bring this issue up and he did so during his audience today. he spoke about the meeting he had with those eight men in malta when he was there this weekend. eight abuse victims. it was by all accounts a very emotional meeting. the pope reportedly had tears in his eyes as he listened to the men's stories. it's very hard to hear these stories and not be moved. the other thing that strikes me in having covered this story, tamron, is the abuse victims by and large want to come back to the church. they're looking for a way back. and this is one of -- one of them said the pope was everything to him because it was an indication that the church understood, didn't want to protect the people who hurt them. >> all right. anne thompson, thank you very much and we'll see what more the pope and the vatican says about
2:31 pm
the statements. new york's mayor michael bloomberg's gun control group is out with a new $250,000 television ad campaign. the ads are running in five states. take a look. >> 1999, the columbine school massacre. the killers got their guns because of a gap in the law called the gun show loophole. 2008, barack obama and john mccain support closing the gun show loophole. >> mayors against illegal guns launched the campaign to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the columbine massacre. joining me by phone is tom mazar whose son daniel was killed at columbine. he is also the spokesman for colorado's cease fire. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> what is your reaction to the ad and the images of what happened at columbine with your child and the others there? >> well, i'm supportive of the campaign and glad to see they're going to try to put more pressure on congress to close this loophole. 11 years is a long time.
2:32 pm
the voters in colorado closed that loophole in 2000 and i think it's time to close it nationally. >> the ad is going up in colorado, massachusetts, ohio, and a few other states. the nra is responding to it. it says they continue to try and abridge the rights of law-abiding citizens. they should focus their efforts on going after criminals. the intent is to drive gun shows out of business. >> that is simply not true. we closed that loophole in 2000. ten years later gun shows still operate in colorado. they're thriving in colorado. it hasn't shut down gun shows. and there is nothing against law-abiding citizens. if you're a law-abiding citizen and pass a background check you are able to purchase your gun. >> is it stunning that all these years as you point out, 11 years later, there is still this loophole? knowing the worst of what can happen? >> yeah. it is amazing. i like to add, too, it wasn't just colorado that closed it. oregon in the same year closed
2:33 pm
it. and colorado was a vote of 70% to 30% and oregon was 60% to 40%. there is clearly public support for this. but it's the reluctance and the resistance from the gun lobby that's kept this loophole open like this. >> well, tom, we greatly appreciate you coming on and i know other parents applaud your efforts for being so strong after the death of your son and being a part of this organization. and we greatly appreciate you coming on and talking with us. thank you. >> you're welcome. thank you. and you can always let us know what you think about any of the topics that we're talking about by reaching out to we love to read your tweets and a lot of you have been responding to the immigration debate in arizona and we ask this poll question of which is worse, racial profiling or illegal immigration. and the first tweet i got on this subject matter was they are both harmful. so you can let us know what you think about any of the topics we're talking about and we will read a tweeft the day. that one is our tweet of the
2:34 pm
day. they are both harmful according to that person. well, caught on camera, a bold thief uses his truck to rip an atm right out of the bank. this is in bainbridge, georgia. it happened on monday. it is believed the thief got away with not just the machine but the thousands of dollars in cash that was in it. authorities are still trying to find him. he just apparently had a handkerchief wrapped over his face. pop star rihanna treated at a hospital in switzerland while on tour. let's get the scoop from pop culture columnist courtney hazlett. what happened? >> after a performance in zurich monday night it was the third stop on her european tour, her tour bus after the show, which was very successful, veered off to a clinic. rihanna and some of her people got out for two hours inside the clinic, came back on the tour bus, and she is back touring. nobody has made any comment about what might have transpired at that clinic, why she needed to go to that hospital. the communications director of the hospital told press there locally that, yes, rihanna had
2:35 pm
come to the clinic but didn't disclose any details as you would expect him to not disclose any details. at the end of the day she is back performing and that's that. so interesting headline, not really sure what was going on. >> i hope she's okay. >> that's right. last night i don't know if this affected you. it certainly affected me. i'm fired up about it. was your dvr messed up because of "american idol?" >> no. >> well, "american idol" ran late. it's confounding to me that this show cannot keep the trains running on time. >> hum. >> once they get to this point in competition a lot of times they go a few minutes over in the show. >> right. >> what that does is affects the show right after it which last night was the much hyped episode of "glee." >> i tivoed it. was there something wrong? >> mine ended up totally messed up. so did thousands of other people because it ran late. it ended up cutting off the end of "glee" and the big finale performance because it's now a few minutes over the time it was supposed to be. i implore you "american idol"
2:36 pm
either figure out a way to end your show on time because air not just punishing viewers but your own network and that makes no sense to me. you are hurting a show on your own network. and make it clear, like they did a few weeks ago when they thought they might run over for a variety of reasons, they said it but didn't make it clear that you need to adjust your dvrs for the rest of the season. but beyond that, how about just running the show on time? it's ridiculous. >> at the end of the show they said be sure to set your tivo, make the adjustment you need because our show next week is running long or whatever day it is. he said that at the end of the show. >> but too late for anybody who had already set their dvrs yesterday and were at dinner or what not. it was ridiculous. an amazing episode of "glee." >> glad to hear it. >> i'll burn it on a disc. >> it just would have been nice to have a heads up. >> i was disappointed madonna did not make a surprise appearance on "glee." >> you were given that impression. she commented so much in early press about it.
2:37 pm
>> that ticked me off. >> madonna will benefit though because songs on i-tunes from "glee" go through the roof. everyone is a winner. in film news "men in black" >> the movie? >> "men in black" in 3 d has been announced. breaking news. >> one of our colleagues raised his hands in the goal post like it's the best news he heard. >> not the best i've ever heard. this is going to make so much money. to put it in perspective the first "men in black" in 1997 made $587 million worldwide. number two in '02 made $441.8 million worldwide. when they attach a 3-d premium onto this it doesn't even have to be good 3-d, just get that premium on the ticket price, this film is going to be huge, huge, huge. >> are the stars coming back? >> will smith and tommy lee jones are said to be signed on for the film and it's going to be a go. we won't see it at least for another year i believe. but at the end of the day it's these films that are conceived originally as 3-d i think are good. when you just throw it into the
2:38 pm
3-d filter and then make us wear those glasses, for two scenes with something falling in my lap. i could care less. and it's driving the price of all movie tickets up. it's an american institution people are no longer going to be able to afford. it's going to go the way of baseball games where you have to spend a hundred dollars to go to the movies. >> this the courtney's thing. my mother rarely says anything -- my mother talks about the show all the time but she said courtney is really fired up about this 3-d stuff. >> yes, i am. >> so my mom and others can go to to read more about why courtney hates 3-d and wants to ban it from this country. >> thank you. john roberts may be the chief justice of the supreme court but courtney, how tech savvy is he? don't answer. we'll reveal the, well, some details about it, coming up. you'll be stunned. and a public memorial tonight for a beloved principal who was murdered in his home in maryland. we'll get the very latest on
2:39 pm
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. a drug used to shrink enlarged prostates may also help prevent prostate cancer. researchers say it reduced the risk for the disease by nearly a quart inner hier in high risk m. all of the men had elevated psa levels but no evidence of prostate cancer on biopsies. the manufacturer funded the study. welcome back. police in ohio want to question a man seen in surveillance video with a mom who is missing. 31-year-old tiffany teahen disappeared saturday after going garage sale shopping. police have released surveillance images of her with a man identified as trey
2:43 pm
hutchinson. police are calling him a person of interest. tehan family and friends say they do not know the man. her husband and 1-year-old baby were on the "today" show earlier today hoping for her safe return. >> tiffany, we love you. i don't know what's going on with all of this. it's a complete mystery to us and we're terrified. i'm sure you're scared as well. we just miss you so much and we really want you to come home. >> tehan's father announced a $5,000 reward in the case and police say if you have any information they want you to call them. in a few hours police in washington, d.c. will be able to -- the public i should say will be able to pay their respects to a beloved and well respected middle school principal. brian betts was found dead in his silver spring home last thursday. police say they're making progress in solving his murder. now his sister is speaking out about the loss of her brother and the man who meant so much to so many others.
2:44 pm
nbc's norah o'donnell joins me live from washington, d.c. first, norah, let me ask you what's the latest on this investigation? >> reporter: well, i just spoke with the cops a short time ago and they say they are getting closer to finding the killer. that's good news for a lot of people who beloved brian betts. he was just 42 years old, a role model principal. i spoke with his sister yesterday who tells me her family is devastated. she also said her brother had a lot of friends and to her it's unfathomable that someone would want to kill him. >> do they understand what they've taken away from not just my family but from the community? >> reporter: jennifer lost her older brother. but she says his students lost much more. >> they didn't take him away from just his nieces. they took him away from hundreds of children. >> reporter: brian betts was hand picked by d.c. public schools chief michelle ree to transform shaw middle school.
2:45 pm
>> i want to make sure you finish after you go inside. >> reporter: and it was working. >> he knew if a kid needed a firm hand or a hug. >> reporter: police tell nbc news they are now looking closely at his computer and cell phone records. >> we have a protocol and this is the process we're going forward with. we're getting closer. >> what's your worst fear? >> my worst fear has already happened. there's nothing that could be worse than that. >> reporter: investigators are also searching for two men seen abandoning betts' suv in southeast washington. >> we need to find them, talk with them, and determine what their relation is to the crime. >> reporter: we've got one other detail, too, just about the final hours that brian betts was alive. he hosted a facebook message at 6:45 that he was planning to spend his evening just sort of chilling out, grilling, having a cocktail. he also text messaged a friend actually another principal saying that he had had a tough week with his students. then police say that around
2:46 pm
11:30 p.m. last wednesday night was the last time someone heard from him and then he didn't show up the next morning. so police are slowly putting together this time line and that's why they say they think they're making progress, tamron. >> all right. thank you very much. and the voice behind those well known geico insurance ads, well, it's fired after insulting members of the tea party movement. details ahead. and a couple headed for the altar. they call it quits. sparking another debate over who gets to keep the ring when the engagement is over. crossing the line? not giving back that ring? hum. we'll take a look. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm.
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welcome back. in today's "crossing the line" a man in staten island, new york is suing to get his former fiance to return the $17,500
2:50 pm
engagement ring that he put on her finger. according to the staten island advance 25-year-old christopher rynehold claims his fiance kept the diamond when he broke up with her -- she broke up with him four months after he proposed. he said he asked for the ring back several times and she refused. does he have a case? joining me in studio is a new york attorney who met or consulted with the young lady who still has the ring. >> yes, i did. >> what is the law in something like this? >> the law in new york state is different in every state but in new york state you have to give the ring back. it's a condition of the getting the ring, a condition of receiving an engagement ring is you're going to get married. if you don't get married you have to give the ring back unless there are special circumstances. >> what would be some of the special circumstances? >> well, if you paid for the ring. say hypothetically speaking you assisted in the payment of the ring then you may not have to give it back because there is a
2:51 pm
certain value to it that you gave to it. >> right. you've invested, too. >> right. absolutely. >> have you seen this ring in question? $17,000 is a lot. >> it's a beautiful ring. beautiful ring. >> and does it matter? i mean, i don't know any details of why they broke up but does it matter if someone was wronged? i mean if she cheated, he cheetded? none of that matters in course? >> none of that matters in new york state. every state is different. new york and new jersey it doesn't matter. >> and what is her mindset? from what you -- when you consulted her is she ready to fight this thing out? >> she is a very lovely girl. i met with her. i gave her options and she is thinking about them. she's very seriously thinking about all of her options and what she wants to do. she is certainly far from being a gold digger. >> right. that's sometimes the assumption there. >> absolutely. >> with women. >> absolutely not. >> all right. well it's a $17,000 ring. we'll see what happens as you point out the law says that at least in new york you give it back but there are special circumstances. the court papers say that the ring was purchased may 16th, 2009. he proposed one week later. she said yes.
2:52 pm
things fell apart. so i ask you, thank you very much, mario, crossing the line? you tell me. should she be able to keep the ring or who was crossing the line here? go to or you can twitter me your response. a good one. thank you. there's a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know. the mayor of east haven, connecticut is back at work this week after donate herg kidney to a man she barely knows. april capone allman says she saw the plea for a kidney from an acquaintance on facebook and said she'd see if she was a match. after months of testing doctors performed the transplant two weeks ago. great mayor. and the actor best known for doing the voiceovers in some of the geico commercials has been fired by the insurance company after leaving voicemail for the tea party group freedomworks. you may recognize the guy's voice.
2:53 pm
>> it's right here. it's easy. it's the money you cob saving with geico. >> so in the voicemail the actor lance baxter questioned the intelligence level of tea partiers. so rest easy. it's not the geico in the commercial but it is the guy -- the geko -- i keep messing it up. it's not the little animal. it's the guy. right? the supreme court justices may not be the most technically savvy group out there. the high court heard oral arguments in a case concerning sexting via employer-issued pagers and it turns out that the chief justice john roberts asked, what's the difference between e-mail and a pager? wow. all right. what is the difference between geico and a geko? so many questions this hour. some of the things we thought you should know today. thankfully that does it for this hour. thank you so much for joining me. i'm tamron hall. join me again tomorrow, each week day 11:00 a.m. and 2:00
2:54 pm
p.m. eastern time. alex witt picks up things at the top of the hour. what do you have coming up? >> i'm trying to figure out why he doesn't know the difference between an e-mail and pager but maybe it's inside the supreme court too much. >> he still loves to write things out in long form. he's a traditional man. >> ah. i see. that explains it right there. thank you for that, tamron. we have this, everyone. the arizona state legislature passes a controversial new immigration bill. we'll have a round table to debate both sides of that issue. and the ceo of spirit airlines will be here to talk about the airline's unprecedented move to charge for carry-on luggage. i just met them and i said i'm going to grill you. we'll be right back with that. poor circulation in your legs causing you pain. ok. what is it? dad, it more than doubles your risk of a heart attack or stroke. you'd better read about plavix. if you have p.a.d., plavix can help protect you from a heart attack or stroke. plavix helps keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots- the cause of most heart attacks and strokes. talk with your doctor about plavix? i'll do it. promise.
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where we'll give you the money to replace your new car if it's totaled within the first year. these are just two of the valuable features you can expect from liberty mutual. plus, switch today, and you could save on your auto insurance. so get the insurance responsible drivers like you deserve. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? top of the hour here on msnbc. here is a look at some of the stories we're watching for you. the toughest antiimmigration law in the nation sits on the desk of the governor of arizona. it is the subject of increasing anger with one of the state's own representatives calling for a boycott if it becomes law. a first for pope benedict.
2:58 pm
the first direct public comments about the sexual abuse scandal engulfing the vatican. we'll tell you what he's saying. the president gets ready to take his financial reform message right to the people who need to hear it the most. wall street executives. but will a new bill really change anything? and it's a move that has passengers outraged charging for carry-on bags. a all -- i'll talk to the ceo of spirit airlines and ask him to defend his controversial new policy. we begin with the governor of arizona who has four days to decide if she will sign into law a bill that allows police to stop anyone they suspect may not be in this country legally. the state legislature just yesterday passed the controversial bill leading to the arrest of at least nine protesters who chained themselves to the doors of the capitol building. reaction on both sides of the issue has been swift and harsh. illinois congressman luis gutierrez told msnbc he'd like to see president obama ask the justice department to step in.
2:59 pm
>> there will clearly be violations of the civil rights of many in arizona. we know who they're going to ask for papers from. it's going to divide the community from the police. the police should have a good relationship with the community that's there to serve and protect and not act as immigration agents. >> i'm joined by republican state senator russell pierce of arizona who wrote the legislation as well as msnbc political analyst pat buchanan center of your screen and maria kumar the executive director of voto latino and an nbc contributor. welcome to the three of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. senator pierce, did you expect this kind of reaction when you wrote this bill? and if so, what do you think is the most difficult point for people to accept? >> well, the difficult point, these are anarchists. these are people that are open border folks, don't care about the law, ignore the damage. rob cranston was killed on the border, several officers, i can go down the list of police


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